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Enhancing Presence, Enhancing Inclusion, Strengthening Families

Our Facilitators assist individuals living with an intellectual disability and their families in ways that will enhance their presence and participation in community life. This can be accomplished by assisting individuals and their families to craft their vision for the future, as well as sourcing and supporting opportunities for appropriate and valued experiences across all spheres of life (employment, recreation, civic contribution and volunteerism). Facilitation can further assist families, groups, associations, organizations, or other community members to expand skills and knowledge to enhance the inclusion of people living with an intellectual disability in their communities.
Our team is focused on strengthening family members served and supporting people to take their rightful place as active contributing citizens. We further organize, host, and facilitate opportunities for families to connect to one another, while identifying and fostering potential family networks. Overall, our Facilitators develop a supportive working relationship with families served through a flexible and person-centred approach.


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